An Overfiew of the 2016 Federal Budget

Another year, another Federal Budget, this time on the back of a cut in the cash rate to a new record low.

This year’s Budget is about creating a stable economic platform to move forward. It is a fairly safe Budget given the election is around the corner. In saying that, there are changes which will affect many people directly. Even if it does not affect you directly, it should impact all of us if it has the desired effect of stimulating growth.

Below we have provided some more detail on how the Budget will affect you and some videos we believe might be of interest if you want to know more.

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2016 Federal Budget Overview – How it affects your family and your wallet. 

The 2016 Federal Budget may affect you more than you think, mainly because your tax dollars go towards making it happen, but also because of changes to tax rates, superannuation and small business.


Scott Morrison talks to ABC’s 7.30

In this video Leigh Sales challenges Scott Morrison. Mr Morrison discusses the current deficit and what the government's plan is for the future economic growth for Australia.  

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The IPA's view on the 2016 Australian Federal Budget

Institute of Public Accountants General Manager Technical Policy, Tony Greco outlines the IPA's view on the 2016 Australian Federal Budget. 

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